Can I get my medications delivered?

Yes, delivery is available in each of the states we serve from our delivery pharmacy. When you set up your prescriptions, you can discuss your options for delivery with your healthcare provider. Please note that testosterone is not available for delivery via our mail-order partner pharmacy. 

Explore the cost of medications from our delivery pharmacy here. This tool will help you calculate the cost of your prescriptions, plus shipping and handling. Please note, you cannot use insurance with our delivery pharmacy.

How do I switch to delivery?

When it’s time to refill your prescription(s), message your care team and let them know you want to switch to delivery. Your medication should ship within 3-4 business days and is mailed via UPS two-day delivery. You can also set up delivery from the beginning of your Plume membership. At your intake appointment, let your care team know that you want your prescriptions delivered so that they can help you.

How does prescription delivery work?

As part of your membership, you have the option to get your medications delivered from our delivery pharmacy. There are many benefits to using our delivery service. Your medications are delivered to your door, so you can skip a visit to the pharmacy. When you use this service, your care team will reach out when your refill is due, process your payment, ensure that your medications are delivered on time, and deal with any issues or needs with your prescription. Because we work with a pharmacy partner, your prescription costs are predictable and your medications are always in stock. We can provide syringes and needles through the delivery service as well, making it easy to administer injections. Explore delivery pharmacy pricing here. A few notes on prescription delivery:

You cannot use insurance to pay for delivery prescriptions.

Your legal name will be on the package and your prescription bottles, as it is a legal requirement.

A signature is required for your delivery. We strongly recommend signing up in advance for UPS My Choice to manage your delivery.

Your prescription will be shipped within 3-4 business days from ordering.

Shipping and handling costs $15.

You can switch back to using a local pharmacy any time. Just ask your care team!

Plume is not responsible for undelivered packages. We have no way to confirm your mailing address, so please make sure your information is current and correct.

Medications cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box.

What is the cost of medication from the delivery pharmacy?

We strive to offer competitive out-of-pocket prices for medications through our delivery pharmacy. Shipping charges are a flat rate of $15 for two-day delivery with UPS. You may review the price list here and estimate your prescription costs with our handy calculator.

Managing my prescription mail delivery 

All delivery medicines are sent using UPS two-day delivery, and require a signature on delivery. We recommend signing up for UPS My Choice. This free service allows you to track your package, sign for eligible packages, and redirect packages to a different address or UPS pick up location for your convenience. UPS My Choice is a service provided by UPS and is not affiliated with Plume.

Will the package show I'm on gender affirming hormone therapy?

No. All medications are shipped in discreet, standard packaging. Nothing will say Plume, GAHT, or indicate the contents of the package at all. Your legal name will be on the package, as it is a legal requirement.

How long of a prescription do I receive at once?

Depending on your state’s prescribing regulations, your specific medications, and whether or not you are using insurance, you can expect anywhere from 1-3 months worth of medication per prescription order. In some states, pharmacies can’t dispense more than a 30-day supply of certain medications. Plume supports your journey by making sure you have an order for refills indicated on your prescriptions, so you won’t run out or experience a gap in care.

How do I switch back from delivery to my local pharmacy?

To switch back to local pharmacy pick up, message your care team and let them know you want to switch to local pick up. Make sure you know the name and address of your preferred pharmacy. Our care team will send your prescriptions to this pharmacy, and you can pick them up in person instead.

Can I get delivery to a P.O. Box?

No, unfortunately P.O. box addresses cannot be used for medication delivery.