After September 29, 2022 we will begin changing our payment system over to Healthie! New members will receive payment invoice information from Healthie, and current members will continue to receive payment information from Hint until their information is migrated over. After current members' info has been migrated over from Hint, billing information will come from Healthie moving forward. 

How do I pay for my membership?

When signing up with Plume, you will be charged $99* for the initial consultation. Post consultation, if you choose to and are able to continue receiving care with Plume, you will be placed on our monthly, recurring membership plan of $99*.

The payment information you used to sign up and pay for your registration fee before you filled out your intake forms is the same form of payment that will be charged for the monthly membership fee moving forward. Your membership is automatically processed once per month. You do not have to initiate the payment yourself. 

Membership payments begin 30 days after your initial appointment, and you will continue to be charged on that day moving forward unless you request to change your payment date (just let your care team know which day between 1-28 you prefer). For example, if your appointment was February 15th, your payments will fall on the 15th of the month moving forward.

We only accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards as a form of payment. If you have an FSA-issued credit card, we can also use this as a form of payment if it is one of the four major credit card providers listed above. We do not accept cash, direct bank connections, cryptocurrency, or app-based payments.

**Except in NY/NJ/RI. Monthly membership for these states is $90 to offset the out-of-pocket cost of labs.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, you can always make up that payment before your next invoice processes. This means no late charges! If you know your payment date is coming up and you don’t think you’ll be able to make a payment, you can reschedule your payment for a later date. Let your Care Coordinator ahead of time and we will change the date you are charged for your membership. 

So you know, we will cancel your account after 30 days of no payment.

How do I update my credit card?

We are committed to keeping your payment information secure. To update your credit card, please message your Care Coordinator in Spruce. We will need your new card number, expiration date, three digit code, and billing zip code. Also, let us know if your billing address has changed.

We are able to manually add cards to your payment profile by sending over a picture of the front and back of your payment method, or typing in the payment details in your secure message thread in Spruce. However, we do understand this can make some members uncomfortable, so our best recommendation for additional security would be to use something like a "virtual card" that you'd manually add money to, in order to better anonymize your payment information. You could also use something like a prepaid Visa card. I know the Cash App ( offers a free virtual card, and you could set this up to only add the amount needed for your membership at a time, that way there is no risk of access to your whole account—the benefit also being that you can change the card number easily if fraud is detected.

Is moving over to Healthie going to change the cost of membership?

No. The change over to our payment system, Healthie, will not change the cost of your membership. The cost of your monthly membership will remain the same. For example: if you were paying $99 for your membership before changing over to Healthie, you will continue to pay $99 after we switch over to Healthie. 

Do I need to update my info or payment method once switched over to Healthie?

No. No actions are required from you during this move! All of your information that was originally in Hint will automatically be transferred to Healthie. 

What is going to change after moving to Healthie?

You will begin seeing emails regarding activity on your account coming from Healthie instead of Hint. This means that when your payment is due or missed, you have a new invoice, have received a refund, etc., these emails will now be coming from Healthie instead of Hint. Your membership and services you are receiving will not change.