How do I restart my Plume membership?

At Plume, we are here to care for you on your terms! If you have ever taken a break from being a Plume member for any reason and would like to re-join, you may restart your membership at any time! In order to do so, simply log back into your original Spruce account and reach out to the Care team letting us know you want to restart your membership. A Care team member will follow up with you to:

  • Confirm the payment method you would like to use (such as the last card on file) to process the $99 membership payment. 

    • Please note that if you have an unpaid invoice, $198 will be due at restart instead of $99. The reason for this is $99 is for the membership restart and $99 is for the unpaid invoice, bringing you to a total of $198. If you prefer to split these into two separate payments, just let us know and we are happy to arrange that for you! 

  • If you have a new preferred payment method, you can update it during the restart 

  • Confirm when you last took your medication

  • Confirm your preferred pharmacy

  • Confirm current home address

Once the above information is confirmed and payment has been processed, your provider will be notified that you have returned and will reach out to follow up on resuming your Care plan (including ordering new prescriptions).

You have 6 months after cancellation to restart your membership without requiring a new intake appointment. After that, you will need another intake appointment and will be sent a link to book the next available appointment in your state. 

Please note that if you have moved and your new home address is in a new state from the one we have on file, a transfer of care may be required. This is because members must be matched to a provider that is licensed in the state they reside in. You may always check appointment availability by state here. In the event that an intake is required for any reason, you will not be billed until after your intake appointment. Your monthly membership will begin after that point.

We are so excited to have you back!