Can I use Plume if I have Medicaid?

Unfortunately, due to state laws, you cannot become a  Plume member if you have Medicaid in Colorado or Kentucky (even if you wanted to pay out of pocket for the membership). In these states, Medicaid has very strict billing rules that currently do not work with our membership model. For more information about your state’s restrictions, please contact your Medicaid program directly. In other states, you can become a Plume member if you have Medicaid, however you cannot use your insurance for membership fees. We hope to be able to accept Medicaid in the future and are working to make that an option.

Why can’t I use Medicaid to pay for my membership?

Plume is accepting some insurance policies at this time, but we are unable to accept Medicaid. Learn more about private insurance and Plume here.

Can I use Plume if I have Medicare?

Medicare has strict rules regarding how they cover outpatient services. This means that we cannot bill Medicare for monthly membership and all prescription costs. Patients who have Medicare may sign up for membership with Plume, but will be required to fill out a form acknowledging that costs associated with Plume (membership, labs, and medication) must be paid out of pocket. Medicare will not be billed for any costs associated with Plume. For new members, these documents will be available during intake. For current members, a Care Team member will reach out with the required documentation before your 65th birthday to continue care at Plume.