About Billing

Your Billing section has two sub-sections: Superbills and Payments. Here you can make payments on active balances, view your current and past membership payments, refunds issued, details on services provided, and more.


Superbill is an itemized list of all the services you received as a client. As a Plume member, your membership covers gender affirming hormone therapy for gender dysphoria ICD-10 F64.1, provider visits, and quarterly labs. Your Superbill will reflect this information. If you would like to have a Superbill generated for you, please reach out to your Care Team and let us know. 


Under the “Payments” section in Billing, there are 2 tabs: Payments and Invoices

From the Payments tab, you can see your amount due and make payments from this Screen. 

From the Invoices tab, you can view invoices issued from the past, including the Invoice ID, date received, Plume Provider, total amount that was issued, and total amount you paid for that invoice.