Your Home section has two tabs: a Dashboard and Goals. The Goals tab focuses exclusively on any personal goals you have written for yourself. Your Dashboard is an overview of any upcoming appointments, tasks you need to complete, and goals you may have established for yourself.



If you have a scheduled appointment, you can view the details of your next appointment under “Next appointment". You may view all your upcoming appointments by clicking “View all appointments”. If you don’t have any appointments scheduled, you can book an appointment on this screen by clicking “Book Appointment". Please note that the "Book Appointment" button will only show up here if you do not have any upcoming appointments.

Schedule an appointment

Step 1
Click "Book appointment" 

Step 2
 Select “Follow Up Appointment” for Appointment Type and then click “Confirm Appointment Type”.

Step 3

Select the day and time that works best for you on the following screen. Click "Confirm Appointment

Step 4

Once you confirm your appointment details, a confirmation page will appear on the next screen. You should also receive an email confirming your appointment details.

Documents & forms

Under “Current Tasks”, you may review documents your provider has shared with you by clicking “Review documents" and complete any forms you may need to finish by clicking “Fill Out Forms


Create new goals for yourself by clicking the “Create Goal” button. 

You may also create goals by going to the “Goals” tab and clicking “Create goal” from there. You can give your goal a title, description, frequency, and other criteria in the next screen. Once you finish inputting these details, save your goal by clicking "Create Goal"