Messages is a safe, secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging platform to privately communicate with your Care Team. 

To send a message, you must first complete the 2FA process. A code will be emailed to you at the email address you used to sign-up for your membership. 

To get started, click “Email me the 2FA code” and input the code on the following screen. The email will come from and will have the subject Plume Security Code.

Once the 2FA is completed, your Messages dashboard will appear. 

You can message the Care Team by selecting one of the following communication threads: Member Support, Medical Support, or Labs and Pharmacy. Beta Testers will also have an additional thread, Beta Test Support, to communicate with the team. 

Member Support. This message thread is to ask questions about membership, letter requests, supportive resources, insurance, billing, and other account management assistance. 

Medical SupportThis message thread is to discuss clinical concerns such as your experience on your medication, injection assistance, medication dose, masculinizing/feminizing effects of your medication, and other matters related to your physical health.

Labs and Pharmacy. This message thread is for all questions related to your labs, requesting refills for your medication, updating your preferred pharmacy information, assistance with issues you are experiencing from the pharmacy, and more. 

Once you have selected the communication thread, type your message at the bottom of the screen and hit enter to send your message. A Care Team representative will reach out as soon as one is available.