Welcome to your Plume Member Portal! This new platform is designed for members to interact with the Care Team, schedule appointments, access resources, manage billing, and more! Explore the various features the Plume Member Portal has to offer:

Why is Plume no longer using Spruce?

With this new platform, our goal is to provide new self-service resources, billing management, enable an integrated resource center, and provide reliable and timely care.

I did not get a password reset email after being invited to sign-in.

If you received our invitation to sign up via Spruce but did not receive a password reset email after following the sign-in directions, double check that you are using the same email address to sign in that you used to sign up for your Plume membership. If the email addresses are different, you will not receive the reset email. If you continue to run into issues or are unsure of your sign-up info, please reach out to your Care Team via Spruce. 

Can I still send messages in Spruce?

Over the next several months, all member data will be fully transferred over to the Member Portal. Once data is fully transferred and Spruce is no longer part of our technology, you will not be able to log into your Spruce account and Spruce will not be monitored for messages. To avoid any delays in communication, please use Messages in the Plume Member Portal or email us at for assistance.