How to use GoodRx (and similar programs)

When you use a savings plan for your medication, you need to search for the correct medication and dose, and number of tablets, capsules, vials, etc.   In addition, you need to show the pharmacy the codes for that medication and pharmacy, so you can receive the discount.

This pdf shows you how to navigate this for GoodRx.  Many other companies have a similar process.  Please note this uses an example medication and may not be YOUR medication).

In addition, this shows you how to do this on a computer browser, but the process for the GoodRx app and using a phone browser are similar.

In GoodRx, first you will want to search for the medication you are looking for:

When you find it, the next step is to make sure that you have the dosage and number of tablets, etc correct.  Click on the medication itself:

This will bring up options for you to choose if the dose needs correction.  Then click update, when you have chosen the correct one (the following is just an example and may not apply for YOUR medications):

After you have updated, you can then scroll down to see the pharmacy options (if you did not need to update, this will already be lower on your screen): 

Clicking on “get free savings” is important because it’s the codes related to that medication that you must present to the pharmacy.  See below for what this looks like:

As you see, you can text them, email them, take a screenshot, etc.  

Important information

  • You do not need a GoodRX account to use these codes.  

  • You do not have to sign up for their specific program for cost savings, if you do not want to. 

  • The pharmacy does not have to honor these prices, and they can change daily

  • You can have insurance and still use these codes, but you’ll want to discuss the best option for you at the pharmacy

  • Rules are subject to change based on Goodrx business practices, and we are not responsible for or involved with their pricing structures