American Express (AMEX) has partnered with Plume to offer its employees enrolled in an AMEX health plan and their beneficiaries the ability to receive a Plume membership for little or no out of pocket expense. 


Who is eligible?

AMEX employees and their beneficiaries who are enrolled in an AMEX health plan and eligible for Plume are eligible for the American Express Plume membership. 

How do I or one of my beneficiaries sign up?

Amex employees can sign up via their own unique link, which is available in their healthcare portal.

How does Plume work?

Plume provides gender-affirming care directly from your smartphone. Our experienced Care Team understands the unique needs of the trans and nonbinary community.  Membership with Plume includes everything you need to start, continue, and maintain your gender-affirming hormone treatment (GAHT, sometimes called HRT). We know everyone has different goals for their transition and we are here to help you navigate your gender journey. Plume members will have their initial first intake appointment with their provider via video call. After that, you will have the ability to send a message via chat to your Care Team at any time.

Learn more here How Plume Works.

What services can I receive? 

Amex members are eligible to receive the full suite of clinical and member services benefits Plume has to offer. Your Plume memberships include a robust selection of services, supports, and resources in addition to expert medical care. Here are a few key things we offer:

  • Support Groups

  • Prescription medications (hormones, hormone blockers, hair loss medications, sexual function support medications, and more)

  • Bloodwork support at your local Quest diagnostics

  • Letters of support

  • A care team comprised of licensed medical experts who specialize in gender affirming care

Learn more here: All About My Membership

How much will it cost?

The monthly Plume membership is free for Amex employees and their beneficiaries.

We do not currently bill Plume members for clinician visits that result in out-of-pocket expenses (deductible, co-insurance, and/or copay). 

I am a current Plume member and AMEX employee or beneficiary, how do I switch over to the Plume AMEX membership?

Current members who are eligible for the Plume AMEX membership can reach out to a care team member in your member portal. We will need to collect insurance information to qualify you then proceed to switch you to the AMEX membership.

What happens if I am no longer employed at AMEX?

Inform a care team member in your member portal. Your Plume AMEX membership regardless of your employment status is active for up to one year from when you sign up. After the first year of membership ends you can move over to a self pay membership, use other eligible insurance, or cancel their account.