The Membership Club is a benefit available to all Plume members and employees through partnerships that offer exclusive access to discount codes for gender-affirming, gender-inclusive, and gender-free goods and services. No sign-up necessary! Simply being a Plume member or Plume employee grants you access to utilize all Member Club benefits. See below for discount codes from our voice training partners. 


Undead Voice

Empowering the trans and gender-diverse community, Undead Voice is dedicated to eradicating voice dysphoria, experienced by a significant portion of our community. With our comprehensive, community-based approach to voice transition, we offer tailored trainings and resources via a supportive virtual platform. Our mission goes beyond just vocal transition; we aim to create a space where every voice is celebrated. Transform your voice, transform your life.

$100 credit towards any voice training 
50% off lifetime membership 
(expires Sunday, June 30, 2024)
Join through our dedicated sign-up page and the Plume discount will be automatically applied. No code necessary.